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Eventually, I slowly woke. I slowly sat up and opened my eyes and took in my surroundings.

What's….going on?

I was in a white room with a tiled floor. There was all sorts of machinery and tools everywhere.

Medical..? No…wait. This makes no sense.

I didn't recognize the machinery and that's when I noticed the bed with someone on it. I walked over only to be horrified at the sight of myself.

Oh sh*t…what the f*ck is going on?

Except nobody would think that bloody boy was me. Parts of my limbs were missing and I was tied to the table. I immediately turned and vomited, my brain still in shock and confusion.

Where am I? What's…going on?

Suddenly, the setting vanished and was replaced with a beach. I saw myself by the water, sitting there.

“HEY!” I shouted. He didn't even turn around.

I ran up to him and tried to tap him.

“Hey can you tell me what's going o-”

But this setting vanished once more and was then changed to me on a rooftop. Panic and fear flooded my body as I had no clue what was happening. There was me, once more, sitting on the ledge. A girl stood behind me.

“Hi…? Guys? Whoever the f*ck you are?” I asked, my voice full of desperation. Again, they didn't reply and my heart sank.

The girl behind me then took out a katana and I ran towards them. My head immediately hit something and stumbled backwards.

“The f*ck? Stop! Stop!” I went up to the invisible wall and started to bang on it, trying my best to break it. Without my guns, nothing worked. I saw my head fall off my body with the girl's katana stained red.

“GAH!” I screamed as I sat up. Multiple girls backed away when I said that, frightened. There was also one male among them, he was dressed in a white suit and pants with a green hat. I didn't recognize any of them except for the same white haired one when I tussled with her.

I felt tears streaming down my cheek. I was panting, sweating, and felt incredibly hot. The girls stayed away for a moment, whoever the man approached me. Fear surged throughout my body.

“G-get away from me!!” I screamed as I tried to raise my arms and guns.
Neither did. My arms were cuffed to the railings on the bed I was on and my gear must've been stripped from me.

“Hey…” the man said, “It's okay…did you have a nightmare?”

Feelings seemed to outweigh resean as I started to sob once more. I didn't really know what. The dreams were not that scary and logic would speak that I should remain composed in this situation.

“Stay…a-anyway…where's my sh*t.” I hissed.

“We had to take it away. We fear you might an enemy.”

My eyes instantly moved to the white haired girl who now approached me.

“You LIED.” I said to her.

Her voice was more tender than I thought.
“I..I didn't know. I'm still convinced you aren't…but you really need to relax.”

She was right. I was in no position to make demands.

The man spoke. “Are you alright? Many of your systems were damaged and you nearly died. You're stable now but…how do you feel?”

I took a couple deep breaths.
“I…I'm alright. Why am I cuffed? I'm not your enemy. As a matter of fact I'm just as confused as you…”

“...well. When trying to repair your gear we came across weapon systems that we've never seen before. We thought you might be from the Siren's.”

What the f*ck? What is up with this place?

“What's the Siren's..?” I asked, confused and holding in my anger.

The man seemed to be taken back by my question. His eyes widened. He whispered something into one of the girls.

A maid? Seriously?

The woman was in a maid outfit, and I had to say, I was weirded out yet I did think it was hot. She promptly left the room with most of the other girls. Except the white haired one.

The room fell quiet as she stared at me.

“What's your name?” She asked, breaking the silence. Her voice now sounded like a spear, shaped with intent.

…My name can't hurt can it?

“My name is Zumwalt.” I answered.

“I'm Enterprise. The leading ship and in charge of Eagle Union. Do you really remember nothing?”

The name Enterprise sounds familiar…

“No.” I lied, “So…what type of ship are you?”

“Carrier. Top of the class.”

“And what's Eagle Union?”

“It's…it's a branch of military vessels that are all women. All branches such as Iron Blood are made up of women. Except you, and the commander.”

So you're telling me that everyone here is a woman?...

“So, are there any other men in the world?”

“No.” She said as if it wasn't a big thing.


My mind raced with questions and wanted answers. I started spitting out questions as she answered all of them. I learned about their world, how they worked, and how bad their weaponry is.

This world…I…I am definitely not from it. They use…old and outdated weapons. They don't even know what a missile is!

Feeling relaxed and that I could be honest with this woman, I told her all I could. I didn't know much about my history, but I knew about my weapons.

During that time, I feel as if a level of trust was built between the two of us. I felt like I could confide in her and I'm sure she felt the same towards me.

However, eventually the man came back into the room. Two of the girls took off my handcuffs.

“Alright. We've come to a…conclusion. I think we can trust you. But….you need to tell us everything about you. If you don't know, or couldn't tell, me and you are the ONLY males in this world. At first, it was only me, and that's why we are so interested in you. We've never seen a male vessel before. Especially with such advanced weaponry. Sorry for the…fight before with Enterprise. I'm sorry you two know each other? Did you get him up to speed Enterprise?

“Yes commander. I told him…yea. I told him everything. Nothing forgotten!”

“Great, thank you Enty. Oh! Almost forgot, just call me commander. I have no name.”

Okay this place is so weird. So very f*cking weird. At least they're accepting me…

“Now…I'll take a step back, and allow the other leaders of each branch to introduce themselves.” He finished.

The girl on my very left spoke first. She was in all black. Her clothes were tight and the top of her breasts exposed.


She had a black cap on with long, blonde hair.

Scary sh*t…

“I am part of the group called Iron Blood. My name is Bismark.” she said with a heavy German accent.

Straight to point huh?

The leaders went around to say their names. Four branches in total. All seemed as if they had their own ethnicity but something that struck me was how short and petite the Royal Navy's leader was. Her name was Queen Elizabeth. Battleship was absolutely adorable. I wasn't that much taller than her so I shouldn't be talking.

Once they were all done, I eyed her down.

“There an issue sir?” She shot at me.

Hell of an attitude for her looks.

“Erm…no ma'am. With all due respect though, I didn't expect the pride of the Royal Navy to be…this short.” I said, trying to be polite and honest.

“You DARE insult the Queen like that?” One of the women standing next to her said. Her name was Hood, and as she described herself, I had a feeling she had a level of loyalty to her friends.

“I'm just speaking the truth…” I said.

Her teeth went together.

“Commander.” She said looking at him, “My Queen. Permission to challenge this man to a duel.”

A what?

“Permission granted. Let's show this man a lesson” Queen Elizabeth said, clearly fuming.

“H-hey!” Said Enterprise “He's new. I'm sure he meant N-”

“Quiet. Everyone.” The commander said and the room was instantly quiet. He was clearly thinking for a minute.

“...Zumwalt. I'm sorry… but here, I can't really say no. Duels are honorary, and you won't die. However, you need to pay for what you said. Respect is…a big thing and especially so if you disrespect a leader of one of the branches."

…I'm not scared. Should I be? I outclass her in almost every way.

I looked back at the short queen. I made my eyes purposefully move up and down.

“Alright. No problem.” I said bluntly. The Queen scowled at me. “What time?”

“Right now!” She yelled. I shook at her volume and she stomped outside.

There were long moments of silence until Enterprise patted me in the back.

“Go. We will watch.”

I shrugged as many of the girls followed them. Only the commander, Bismark, and Enterprise remained.

Bismark slithered up close to me.

“Do you have any idea of what you've just done? She will destroy you! You fool…you've…gah!” She said, turning away.

“Hey. Leave him alone.” Said the commander, “I'm sure he's stressed enough.”

Enterprise looked at my face. I simply looked back.

“ he's not. Look at him. There's not an ounce of fear in him.”

I smiled at her.

“Thank you, Enterprise. I don't think…any of you realize who I am.”

I shouldn't be talking…

The commander sighed.

“Very well. You will be observed.” He said solemnly. He put a hand on my shoulder as well. “Good luck.”

“You'll need it…” Bismark hissed.

The commander showed me outside to where my gear was being stored. Once equipped, he showed me to the outside. I carefully tried to mentally record where everything was.

30 feet and it's the storage. Take a left and you'll pass 4 doors and hit the outside on your right.

I stopped right at the beach. Queen Elizabeth could be seen in the distance, her mighty warship making it impossible to miss. I turned to the commander. Enterprise was not there.

“Where is…Enterprise?” I asked.

“Left. Took to the air as soon as she got outside.” He replied.

“Is all of my gear repaired?”

“As best as we could. You're missing a helicopter though. That will take days and Kaga’s trying to find out how to repair it. Remember, we don't know much about you and your weaponry. Now go.”

I nodded. Breathing deeply, all my gear disappeared and started to materialize back into the ocean surface. The picture of my destroyer started to come together. First the hull, then the bridge, and lastly, all the armaments including my lady helicopter.

Hello beautiful…nice seeing you.

I gracefully walked across the water, and jumped onto my ship.

Hehe…never gets old. Love doing that.

My ship started to accelerate quickly, easily reaching 32 knots. Flares erupted from the ocean. I picked up my binoculars and peered through them. Other ship girls were shooting them off, waving red flags.

Must mean to begin.

Suddenly, two, double barreled guns rang out as four shells screamed across the water.

Nice shot.

The shells splashed harmlessly around me, badly missing.

Combined with no guided aiming system…poor dispersion… this should be a piece of cake.

My visor dropped in front of my eyes. It took them a couple seconds, but soon, my guns made loud whirring noises. They clinked into position, ready to fire.

Average battleship is around 25 to 30 seconds… let's do this!

Six Tomahawk missiles roared out the back of my ship and immediately headed straight for the Queen Elizabeth.

And if that somehow isn't enough…

My front two cannons open up, firing as fast as possible. With 10 rounds per minute, I had a better fire rate.

The six missiles crashed down into the Queen Elizabeth, purposefully knocking out the front two turrets and destroying her bridge. Her ship crawled to a halt. The two cannons ceased firing as some began to miss, but the last couple hit.

I must've pierced through her top plating on her guns after my missiles destroyed them. Some of my shells must've gone through those holes in her guns as her front bow exploded off, completely severing her ship in two.

Multiple green smoke flares went up.

…I was right to be calm I suppose. Fights over.

Very quickly, multiple other vessels swam over to the sinking, burning wreck. Planes dove close to the plane, people dropping onto the wreck.

Not a finger touched me. Look at you Queen Elizabeth…you burning wreck.

Azur Lane-Turning the Page - Z_90 - 碧蓝航线 (2024)


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