Rainbow fun: Rainbow Pudding Pops Recipe (2024)

By Jill Parkin • Published: · Updated:

Rainbow fun: Rainbow Pudding Pops Recipe (1)

we love popsicles around here, especially pudding pops! so we made some delicious rainbow banana pudding pops yesterday which are super simple to make....and they come out so pretty you just have to smile! the best thing about using pudding for the rainbow is that you don't have to wait for each colored layer to set before adding the next color. since the pudding is thick, you can just layer them all at once. these are perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any day for that matter.

how to make pudding pops

2 - large boxes (5.1 oz) instant pudding mix (light colored)
food coloring
Dixie Cups (5 oz.)
popsicle sticks

• prepare pudding according to the directions. (you may need to add a little more milk to make the pudding pourable.)
• let pudding stand until it has thickened a bit.
• divide into 5 parts and color each part with food coloring.
• layer each color of pudding into small dixie cups.
• cover with tin foil. insert popsicle sticks.
• chill in refrigerator 2 hours, then place in freezer to completely freeze.
• to eat, peal off dixie cup paper and enjoy your pudding pop!
• makes 10 - 12 popsicles
Rainbow fun: Rainbow Pudding Pops Recipe (2)
Rainbow fun: Rainbow Pudding Pops Recipe (3)

happy eating!

jill, jack, kyle & baby

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  1. Jana

    Saw you on funkypolkadotgiraffe link party and thought this was such a cute idea. I'll have to wait a bit for it to warm up but I'm trying this out for sure. Thanks!


  2. Hannah S.

    OH MY WORD! This is great! I love it! I will be making these this summer.

    GO check out my little giveway I am 'hosting' on the Funky Polka dot Giraffe! Its the Hannah Handamde one!


  3. Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

    I am featuring your SUPER CUTE pudding pops on my Fabulous Finds Friday!



  4. kimberlycun

    awww this is so cute! 😀


  5. Toddler Approved

    We tried these out today and they were delish! Ours did not look at good as yours, but my son loved every single bite.

    Thanks for sharing this idea!


  6. Vanessa

    These are adorable! We made these today (it's SUPER hot and humid out in Toronto today) and are waiting them to freeze fully. Can't wait to taste them (maybe more than my boys?)


  7. Libbie

    So cute! Coulda used these at my daugthers rainbow party! 🙂


  8. Happy Home Fairy

    These are being featured at Happy Home Fairy tomorrow! What an AWESOME recipe!!! And your pictures are just perfect!


  9. Anonymous

    What a cool idea!


  10. {northern cottage}

    this is sooooo going on our summer fun list! thanks for sharing - your pics are gorgeous!


  11. *Anna*

    Wow, this looks amazing! Nice colors, I Like 🙂 Anna


  12. Anonymous

    I'm from the uk and not sure what instant pudding mix is please could someone enlighten me!?


  13. name*

    well, if you do it like me you can use drinking cups out of plastic or better-silicone. To get the Popsicles out, just put them under hot water for a few seconds and oull out or let them stand fr a short time. its better than throwing away those cups all the time and buying new ones because you can use silicon molds or plastic drinking cups for forever..


    • juany lopez

      Just be careful to use plastic. Check that your plastics doesn't have the toxic BPA (bisphenol A) or PVC (phthalates).


  14. Sandra Caballero

    Perfect for my second baby since her birthday is on August ( summer ) !


  15. Marie Morales

    Wow these look amazing!


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Rainbow fun: Rainbow Pudding Pops Recipe (2024)


Why did they stop making pudding pops? ›

Despite strong sales into the 1990s, Pudding Pops were eventually discontinued due to no longer being profitable.

What are Jello pudding pops? ›

Introduced as “all the goodness of real Jell-O pudding frozen on a stick,” it proved hugely popular, selling $100,000,000 worth in its first year. Today, however, the Jello Pudding Pop is more absent than its erstwhile spokesman, Bill Cosby.

Where did Jell-O pudding pops go? ›

So they sold the pudding pops over to popsicle, and popsicle made them up until 2,010. and then stopped them because of lack of interest.

Why is Jell-O not popular anymore? ›

It was rebranded as a snack food

Recognizing that the traditional packets of granulated Jell-O were unpopular from a gastronomic and convenience standpoint, Jell-O rebranded itself as a snack food.

Can you still buy pudding pops? ›

While Jell-O brand Pudding Pops are no longer being sold, Jell-O didn't completely leave us in a lurch.

What is Jello pudding called in England? ›

One is the English Pudding. Americans typically think of Jello as pudding, but in England, puddings are a very serious and fancy affair going by such names as Syrup Sponge, Lemon Curd Roly Poly, Spotted Dick, Steamed Plum Sponge, Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool, Lord Randall's Pudding, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

How to make pudding pops without mold? ›

Paper or Plastic Cups

Small (or large, if you want to go for massive pops) disposable paper or plastic cups are an easy and inexpensive stand-in for popsicle molds. And some recipes actually work even better with cups than with molds.

Do they make Jell-O Pudding Pops anymore? ›

While Jell-O brand Pudding Pops are no longer being sold, Jell-O didn't completely leave us in a lurch.

When were Jell-O pudding pops released? ›

Though Jell-O was a household name, it wasn't in its prime in the 1990s when Pudding Pops launched. Back in the 1960s, Jell-O had been so popular that it even released savory flavors for the now-outdated Jell-O salad recipes.

Is frozen pudding a thing? ›

Layered Pudding Freeze is a creamy, frosty, no-bake dessert that's easy to pull together using just a few ingredients like instant pudding, Cool Whip and fruit. Since it needs time in the freezer before serving, the recipe is a great make-ahead dessert. Find out which state eats the most Jell-O—and other Jell-O facts!

When did snack pack pudding cups come out? ›

Snack Packs were introduced in 1968 in single-serve aluminum/metal cans, before switching to plastic cups in 1984 and clear plastic cups in 1990. They are marketed as healthy treats for children, with its calcium content often being emphasized.


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