Subnautica Robotics Bay (2024)

1. Phi Robotics Center | Subnautica Wiki - Fandom

  • The Phi Robotics Center is an Alterra Base located in a large cave in the Glacial Basin. As the name suggests, the robotics division was located here, ...

  • The Phi Robotics Center is an Alterra Base located in a large cave in the Glacial Basin. As the name suggests, the robotics division was located here, and as such, was the birthplace of the Spy Pengling. At an unknown point in time, the base was destroyed by a cave-in as a result of Sam Ayou's actions. The Phi Robotics Center is composed of two Large Rooms and a Multipurpose Room, with an extensive network of catwalks found outside. Supply crates, forklifts, and floodlights can be found scattere

2. Aurora | Subnautica Wiki - Fandom

  • The Aurora had a virtual cinema/theater, an anti-gravity gym, VR suites, a robotics bay, several airlocks, a scanner room, several leisure decks, and several ...

  • The Aurora was a brand-new Alterra Long-Range Capital Ship (and possibly the first of its class) sent to the Ariadne Arm by the Alterra Corporation to build a phasegate. Its auxiliary mission, unknown to most of the crew, was an agreement made with the Mongolian Independent States to search for and possibly rescue the survivors of the Degasi crew. It was thought that the ship's advanced scanning suite, superior to any ship that had previously made a search effort, would have better luck in findi

3. How to Find Robotics Bay on Subnautica [2023] - Hypernia

  • 14 dec 2022 · Robotics Bay is a location in Subnautica that houses the Research Department's robotic platforms and equipment. It also serves as the location ...

  • Subnautica is a survival game in which players can explore alien worlds with unique gameplay features that distinguish it from other "undead apocalypse"

4. Code Editor -.NET Fiddle

5. Code Editor -.NET Fiddle

  • All Aurora Door Codes in Subnautica – January Cabin No. 1: Captain's Quarters: Cargo Bay: Lab Access: Robotics Bay ...

  • Laboratory code subnautica | Test your C# code online with .NET Fiddle code editor.

6. Glacial Bay - Subnautica: Below Zero Guide - IGN

  • 4 jun 2021 · Visit the Finding the Phi Robotics Landing Pad page for detailed instructions on how to get there. IMG 3657.JPG. Many missions start from this ...

  • Welcome to IGN's Subnautica: Below Zero guide. This page talks about the Glacial Bay biome, one of many Subnautica

7. Subnautica Aurora Codes - Game Guide

8. Subnautica: Below Zero | Blueprint Fragments List - Map Genie

  • Subnautica: Below Zero - Collectible Blueprint Fragments ... On the bottom floor lab of Phi Robotics Center, on the counter in the back ... Glacial Bay. Ultra ...

  • List of all collectible Blueprint Fragments - including a map of where to find them!

9. 10 Hidden Areas In Subnautica: Below Zero Everyone Completely ...

  • 5 nov 2021 · Subnautica: Below ... Bay Site: at the entrance to the biome, it ... One is located in the Phi Robotics Center, but it cannot be activated there.

  • When you're swimming around, you might completely miss these hidden areas.

10. Subnautica: All Aurora Door Codes - Twinfinite

  • 31 okt 2023 · Cargo Bay: 1454; Lab Access: 6483; Robotics Bay: 6666. Once you reach a door, hover your mouse over the code screen just ...

  • You'll be unlocking those doors in no time.

11. Extinction Event Avoided Trophy • Subnautica •

  • 24 okt 2020 · ... BAY 3 sign down to a door blocked by boxes, use the propulsion cannon to move the boxes and walk through to find a door locked with a pass code.

  • After 3 in-game days have passed, the Aurora's reactor will explode and you'll be given the blueprints for the Radiation suit. There's no time limit on repairing the reactor, so you can do this whenever you want.

12. Subnautica Aurora door codes list - Gamepur

  • 13 dec 2022 · Robotics Bay. A curious case of the Robotics Bay is that you get the code for it on a PDA, 6666, but the room cannot be accessed on the ...

  • Fat loot awaits past these doors.

Subnautica Robotics Bay (2024)


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